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Service centre

Dear clients!

ZETA Company provides services of furniture repair. Regardless of whether you have purchased products from us or in any other store/furniture center, our experts will make a repair in full. Delivery of repaired goods at home/office is possible. 

The guarantee extends:

  • for a period of one year on chairs and upholstered furniture: foam rubber, welding, material (if disperses on a seam)
  • for a period of one month on accessories: butterflies, armrests, crosspieces, covers, legs, etc.

Guarantee does not extend on the wood products.

Guarantee does not include transportation.



+7 (727) 313-21-26

+7 (727) 327-46-60 

+7 (727) 312-12-88 (ex. 153, 203)

+ 7 (778) 461-93-52 (Only WhatsApp)


Operation time:

Weekdays - from 9:00 till 18:00

Saturday - from 9:00 till 16:00, Sunday - day off


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