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Trash can (120 l)

Артикул : ПЛ-00408

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Trash can (120 l)

It is used for collection, storage and transportation of different types of household waste (glass, plastic, paper, etc.)

The tank for garbage on wheels, which is mobility and convenience for both the stationary purposes and when cleaning areas as well.

Plastic two-wheeled  waste containers are made from polyethylene of low pressure.

They differ from other containers, in high durability, light and convenience service and transportation. A variety of colors and options are available.

The  materials used is steady against all unwanted.

Unlike traditional metal tanks, our tanks are easy at cleaning and keeping good appearance, as well as functional qualities.

Depth: 580 mm 

Width: 505 mm 

Height: 900 mm 

Weight: 9.4 kg.

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